Logo - SAP Gold Partner

SAP was born in Germany as a provider of business management software and  for over four decades has been leading the global market of collaborative and corporate business solutions, serving almost 400 thousand companies in 180 countries, counting with a wide range of modular portfolio with cloud solutions (more than 10 LoBs), on premises or hybrid solutions, giving to the customer a complete freedom of choice about the consumption model.

The SAP’s mission is to make the world run better. The sum of SAP customers word wide, produce nearly 80% of all food in the world, 82% of medical devices and 76% of the world’s financial transactions.


Facts and Figures:

  • 91% of the world’s 2,000 largest companies by Global Forbes use SAP;
  • #98 of the world’s 100 most valuable brands use SAP;
  • #1 global leader in Enterprise Applications;
  • #1 global leader in Analytics & Business Intelligence;
  • #1 fast growing among the top 4 database makers (with HANA);
  • +150 million of annual contracts in Cloud (subscriptions);
  • #1 global leader in Human Capital Management (+51 million of SuccessFactors contracts);
  • 49 Datacenters in 14 countries;
Logo - GeneXus

GeneXus ™ provides products in more than 30 countries, the majority in Latin America and the Caribbean, with more than 5,000 customers and 50,000 licenses sold worldwide. Its products make the development of cross-platform applications integrated with SAP more efficient, allowing the development and maintenance of native applications without the needs of learning the programming languages. With business knowledge and the model stored into the Knowledge Base (not within code), it automates most of the repetitive tasks.


  • IDE of GeneXus for SAP Systems: Development and maintenance of SAP applications;
  • JAVA Generator: To develop responsive web applications (HTML5 & CSS3);
  • Native Mobile Apps Generator: To create native apps on Android and iOS;
  • GeneXus ERP Connector for SAP: To validate and test BAPIs published in the BOR-API and generate the objects that uses RFC protocol (web or mobile);
  • SAP Fiori Pattern: To develop applications with SAP FIORI UX tabs;
  • Automatic Deploy to SCP: No specific developments or adjustments needed, even in environments with hybrid configurations.
Logo - Synchro

One of the leaders on Tax Governance in Brazil, with +25 years of operation, 5 offices, more than 400 clients served (9 of the 20 most valuable brands in the world according to Fortune).

Synchro Cloud is built on a scalable 24×7 high performance environment with more than 400 servers, with nearly 100 customers and almost 3 million of electronic documents per month, generating about 50 terabytes of data.

These solutions are sold, implemented and supported in partnership with BCI Consulting, to reduce costs and risks, keeping security and performance in order to attend the government regulations and all the regulatory requirements in the Brazilian fiscal scenario:

  • Fiscal Solution (TAX): On the Cloud or On Premise, with flexibility to define rules and parameters, with a large list of obligations (+300 municipal, +70 state and +10 federal), SPEDs (EFD, ECF);
  • DFE Manager: Access to the auxiliary services provided by Sefaz, such as the Receiver Manifestation (MDest-e) of the received NF-e and the Electronic Correction Letter (CC-e) for NF-e and CT-e, among others;
  • REINF On Premises or Cloud solution, integrated with SAP;
  • SYN4TDF: Complementary solution to the SAP TDF (Tax Declaration Framework), for indirect calculations, calendar, etc.
  • Fiscal Compliance: Follow-up, planning and delivery of all kind of obligations (direct, indirect, labor and social security taxes) with centralization of delivery and discharge receipts, counting with native integration with SYNCHRO Regulatory Portal for constant updating of the legislation and regarding obligations.
Logo - CNT Management Consulting

With headquarters in Vienna and Munich, CNT is a strategic partner of SAP AG in Europe and one of the main members of ASUG DSAG (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) with around 50 million euros generated in SAP services every year.

CNT is a business consulting company, specialized in SAP S/4HANA projects and SAP Template Rollouts for global companies across continents, being BCI Consulting the exclusive partner for SAP businesses throughout Latin America. Together we have successfully delivered SAP Rollouts in 7 different countries with more than 150 SAP consultants from both companies involved.