SAP Leonardo enables companies to connect with people, things and businesses, with agility and intelligence. The platform presents itself as a set of technologies that creates customized solutions for each company.

With this solution it is possible to obtain and manage a digital company, which is totally connected with applications and technological platforms of IoT (Internet of Things).

Today, the concept of IoT in the corporate market is related to the internet connected with equipment, sectors and processes, all this to offer facilities and greater speed in the day by day tasks.

IoT for companies with SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo helps in the business process, because it incorporates information that the manager, until then, did not have. With IoT, it also provides real-time information for rapid analysis and decision making, and offers a wide portfolio of innovation offerings.

Infographic - SAP Leonardo


  • Generates device insights based on data;
  • Provides sensors connected to the devices of your company, which generate information through the connection to the internet;
  • Manages and uses data from sensors;
  • Helps reduce company costs;
  • Provides real-time analysis insights;
  • Provides integrated information to the company’s databases.