SAP Analytics supports business management across the enterprise analytics and performance process by providing modern analytical capabilities such as: reports, dashboards and applications for advanced planning and consolidation analysis in the Cloud or On premise versions. These tools help accelerate the digital transformation of companies with quick and accurate insights into every business.

Analysis of scenarios and forecasts

SAP Analytics helps your business answer complex questions, make scenario forecasts and even helps plan the entire administrative business process.

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Business Intelligence

Get accurate information based on historical data vs. current data, by integrating elements from any system or platform, such as excel spreadsheets, word files and data on web platforms. The indicators are presented in dashboards that generate real-time insights with native connectivity of SAP technology and tools for data governance.

Business Performance

Simplify all planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial closing processes with greater agility and productivity through data consolidation. The best organizational planning capabilities available to track your company’s performance in the market and ensure the greatest use of essential business needs such as: data consistency, planning report, financial consolidation, and audit documentation for regulatory compliance and inherent cost reduction to this process.

Predictive & Big Data Analysis

Manage through predictive data with accurate and prior information on the trend of your results, accelerating decisions with an automated predictive view, managing thousands of data sets and predictive models with in-memory technology from SAP Hana and Machine Learning to conduct future real-time performance evaluations.


SAP Analytics enables collaborative team engagement with usability features for easy solution navigation. Performing different financial tasks and high complexity in real time in a safe and reliable way, enabling the closing of results as revenues and expenses with more agility, supporting decision making.



  • Provides real-time business intelligence;
  • Provides integrated tools and data;
  • Provides a more consistent database;
  • Simplifies and enables easy access to data in a hybrid environment;
Implementation Cloud - On Premise

SAP Analytics Cloud

Built for Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is the foundation for fast, modular, scalable and growable access along with business use and demand. As a cloud-born solution, it is convenient, secure, agile, cost-effective and TCO reduced compared to traditional BI, Planning, and Data Analysis environments, regardless of company size and number of users.

 With more than 40 years of experience delivering business applications, SAP innovates with a solution that interprets business semantics and supports decision-making processes across all levels of the organization.