The SAP TAX Declaration Framework (TDF) is a fiscal management platform that assists in the organization of all tax information and demands. SAP TDF connects to SAP S/4HANA and also communicates with other interfaces, automatically synchronizing data from both SAP and non-SAP systems, besides providing fast processing of information.

Custom tax obligations management

SAP TDF synchronizes data from multiple databases and creates a single repository, enabling predictive analysis, assembly of analytical dashboards, besides integration with mobile devices. The platform also allows you to create a space with the registration of all the tax obligations of your company, helping you to manage and ensure attendance with compliance rules.

Guarantee of scalability with management and analysis of large volumes of information, as well as specific functionalities directed to the reality of each organization.



  • Increases the quality of information;
  • Improves the productivity of the fiscal analysis team;
  • Enables compliance with legal requirements;
  • Offers compliance guarantee;
  • Assists in reducing costs with fiscal needs;
  • Offers more assertive results in management;
  • Meets the legal requirements regarding the reporting of SPED Accounting, SPED Fiscal, e-Social, ECF and SPED Contributions.
Implementation Cloud - On Premise