The Template Rollout and Localization projects implemented by BCI Consulting preserve the characteristics desired by the Template management team, but bring to the discussion the characteristics and needs of each country, visually bringing the possibility of discussing this balance to make the appropriate decisions during the Planning phase of deploying a new site, country, or region.

All location specifications are respected and understood and the adequacy roadmap is properly planned, meeting all the standards and specifications of the country or region of origin and with BCI Consulting’s knowledge of the local characteristics.

Experience and Efficiency Guaranteed!

Projects in more than 10 countries and accumulated experience in SAP rollouts give BCI Consulting the know-how to maximize success in this kind of project, with high added value for the customers and maintenance of integrated governance.

Rollout services begin with the analysis of the Template and the necessary and suggested GAPs (fit-gap-analysis), before the activation and configuration tasks for structure and business scenarios to put the new company or new branch. After this critical and important definition, the operational model will be properly adapted and implemented, starting to operate with a structure similar to its origin but with the particularities approved for each country with a governance model approved. BCI Consulting also supports training, knowledge transfer and improvement processes through local teams or Regional Competency Centers, called ‘SAP Hubs’.

BCI Consulting uses all its knowledge base in:

  • Global governance standards used by industry leaders;
  • First-class business process models;
  • Process vision in 3 levels (Global, Core and Local processes);
  • SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act);
  • Tax, Legal and Labor characteristics of each country;
  • IFRS, US GAAP and other models.


  • Offers greater security and assertiveness;
  • Provides experienced teams with fluency in English and Spanish;
  • Determines faster and accelerated processes;
  • Has dynamic resources and experience in multicultural projects;
  • Provides results in line with the expectation of the headquarter.