Full Stack Services that help your company to operate in superior performance.


BCI Consulting has the know-how and experience to offer the best experience in the entire lifecycle of a solution implementation to our customers, since from its conception, with the understanding of the value drivers, to its effective implementation and subsequent support and improvements, valid for new implementations and for migrations, evolutions or rollouts of regional or global templates.

With operations throughout Latin America and more than 10 years of experience in the market, BCI Consulting offers services that allow the improvement of the corporate performance KPIs from our customers, guaranteeing agility, quality and effective cost in the right time and budget.

Project Implementation


BCI Consulting develops implementation projects to the vast majority of SAP solutions, designed and executed in a personalized way, meeting the needs of customers from several industries, sizes and business purposes. Experience and deep knowledge using tested and approved methodologies, specialized and certified teams of consultants, Program and Project supporting tools, enabling predictable implementations with controlled and mitigated risks according to pre-established deadlines and scopes, ensuring execution within fixed time and costs.

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Estrategical Consultant


Digital Transformation is already a reality and companies wishing to remain competitive in the market need to adapt to this new scenario. Proposing to redirect priorities and processes against the possibilities to face new technologies, BCI Consulting helps on planning the business structure transformation, so the company can operate with a digital mindset, generating constant innovation and helping the company to adapt to the new digital reality, focused on customer experience.

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SAP HANA Migration


Our experience with SAP environment enables us to plan and execute customers’ evolutionary roadmap by migrating their ´business core´ to SAP S/4HANA. Companies that need to improve their processes and obtain competitive advantages from their business model can rely on the experience of BCI Consulting and its consultants and specialists.

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Rollout Banner


Latin America’s regional operations and the experience of delivering projects in more than 10 countries gives BCI Consulting the ability to offer excellence in Global or Regional Template Rollout projects, respecting corporate rules and models, but with the standard suitability to the needs and tax, legal and labor peculiarities of each of the countries of Latin America.

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AMS Banner


The AMS (Application Management Services) concept includes a set of remote services for incident resolution, support for the technical environment, processes and users, training, improvements, evolutions, adaptations and small projects executed in the SAP environment and in supported applications, acting in directed, adapted, customized and managed way.

From AMS it is possible to manage the entire SAP environment and its complementary solutions, with the automation of IT processes that offer more agility and improvements to the business.

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SAP Enterprise


SAP Enterprise Support consists of specialized support services for SAP products in an integrated way with the manufacturer for complete lifecycle management of SAP products and technologies. Optimized and proactive performance aims to reduce risk and provide greater control over SAP environments and systems, anticipating actions to avoid any discontinuity or impact.

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