The AMS (Application Management Services) can be either stand-alone or complementary to SAP Enterprise Support (to support and maintenance of SAP licenses and products) to provide complete and customized service to each customer’s specific needs, covering N2 (support) and the N3 (Improvements).

These services can be standardized and shared at BCI Consulting’s Support and Innovation Competency Center in São Carlos or can be customized with dedicated teams, with SLA (Service Level Agreements) specific to each customer, with dedicated staff, attendance flow customized, governance and management model adapted to the business model, with integration of other providers (like Prefered Service Provider, in 3 layers), operation policies, among other characteristics.

The AMS proposal is designed by identifying the critical factors expected by the customer (CTQ – Critical to Quality) performed in the Due Dilligence stage. It has a stabilization stage with operations running in parallel and moving into Operation 4 to 8 weeks after the start of the Transition, where service delivery may include:

Key features


  • Incident solutions (definite or outline) with priorities and SLAs defined in contract, addressed to solution group (functional and/or technical);
  • Analysis and identification of root cause of problems (RCA) and contingency or outline plane;
  • Urgent 24 x 7 attendance for unexpected environmental behavior;
  • Remote interventions in unstable environments, to resume normal operation;
  • Scheduled and preventive maintenance (remote or through special availability called or scheduled shifts to support critical IT or Business operations);
  • Remote management of profiles and access controls, performance management, security and governance;
  • User support and navigation doubts (N2) and planned trainings;
  • Feedback on opportunities for improvement in the technical environment and operation;
  • Support for technical updates (SAP Notes, SPs, EhPs), legal requirements and attendance of tax and compliance obligations;
  • Planning of small projects and improvements, in a way appropriate to the capacity of execution of the customer and the allocated budget.
  • Outsourcing of activities or replacement of users during specific periods.

Integrated Continuous Monitoring Process

A team totally integrated with your business, enabling personalized service and adhering to the main needs of your company. In this process are considered from incidents, monitoring, improvements, small projects and updates in your SAP.



  • Reduces IT complexity and costs;
  • Absorbs ups and downs of demand;
  • Provides proactive and secure management;
  • Minimizes risks for organization;
  • Directly follows the evolution process of each licensed product
  • Establishes metrics and targeted analysis for continuous improvement;
  • Meets SLAs according to the needs of each client.