SAP Enterprise Support is a service that BCI Consulting performs for companies that already have SAP solutions. The company rely on a prepared team and complete infrastructure that guarantee the fast identification, qualification and routing of the solution, both for the correction as for the update of products.

The BCI Consulting team has access to SAP executives and Support Centers around the world, solving the simplest cases and leading the dialogue with SAP to more complex problems that may involve the specialists of the manufacturer.


BCI Consulting services, aggregated with SAP services, deliver the attainment of the standards and behaviors required by governance policies and technology management disciplines to a base of more than 90 active Enterprise Support customers in Latin America.

Key features


Security, automation and management

BCI Consulting adds a series of services that help your company realize the complete and proactive monitoring of your SAP environment, covering the whole life cycle and controlling any problems that may occur.

SAP Solutions Manager is the central platform that implements and manages all SAP applications and where are the core monitoring resources such as alerts, analysis and administration of solutions centralized in SAP, which in addition to maintaining the standardization and consistency of all parts of SAP , it also automates IT processes and identifies key areas that need improvement.



  • Optimizes processes and provides feedback for continuous improvement;
  • Anticipates problems with proactive environmental analysis;
  • Provides speed and ease to solve problems;
  • Gives flexibility in configurations;
  • Helps strengthen enterprise IT management policies;
  • Standardizes all system tips.