Digital Transformation is a reality in the market and companies need to adapt to succeed and to be there. Being digital is not just a statement or a wishful thinking, it is a new way of thinking and deciding in real time, based on valuable information. For this, it is necessary to rethink the entire business model so, the fluidity of business process and speed of critical decisions are adapted to the new market’s demands.

Through a strategic consulting practice, BCI Consulting assists in the diagnosis of maturity, value drivers’ definition, strategic planning, execution and measurement of this evolutionary process, that becomes a real transformation, setting a new way of acting and thinking using the SAP´s innovative portfolio.

From strategy to operation

From strategic to operational, BCI Consulting’s goal is to understand the business needs, proposing cutting-edge solutions that will contribute to your company’s digital transformation with a superior customer experience.

During our consulting services, some important points are considered:

  • Customer orientation on new technologies available for the business;
  • Assessment of adherence to emerging technologies vs. target markets;
  • Digital Experience (giving voice to the consumer);
  • Value generation model for customers focused on agility;
  • Definition of initial strategy and how goals will be measured;
  • Creation of a transformation culture, with agile methodologies and prototyping.

Flexibility on changing the business orientation, according to the speed of the market.

Infographic - Digital Transformation