BCI Consulting’s project implementation model consists of mapping the current challenges (AS IS) that involves people and processes. Those are different for each customer and are often more critical than technological challenges. After this diagnosis of maturity and readiness assessment, we begin to elaborate the scope and the respective phases, goals, constrains, milestones and deliverables, with the definition of strategies for change management, sponsorship, governance, follow-up, key users’ training, communication plan, risk and issues mapping, approval workflows and all topics that are part of the framework to ensure a smooth execution and the right management of projects with multiple stakeholders, regions, companies, languages and cultures.

Our regional presence ensures knowledge of taxation, regulation, cultural and labor differences that are common in multi-country or global projects, which can be executed with the support of our Competence Centers, centralized as a hub in one or more countries, in order to support the local teams.

Fixed Price Projects

Only who has broader knowledge and deep methodological experience, such as BCI Consulting, can offers the projects and implementations with fixed cost and payment by deliverables, avoiding that the burden of eventual inefficiencies of the supplier should be absorbed by the client.

Before beginning the project, BCI Consulting identifies the opportunities to make recommendations about implementation strategies, seeking how to improve productivity and lower the risks, analyzing the right level of depth for each part of the solution. Supported by an objective and efficient methodology, based on SAP Activate and its best practices framework, BCI Consulting can provide a complete view of the entire Project Program to allow our customers to follow, measure and control all execution stages.

Different types of Projects

know some possibilities:

  • Digital Core Deployment with SAP S / 4 HANA;
  • Integrated Supply Chain Processes;
  • Human Capital Management Platform;
  • Corporate Performance Indicators management;
  • e-commerce portals (B2B, B2C and B2E);
  • Mobility and Customer Relationship Projects;
  • Migrations and Rollouts of already implemented solutions.


  • Fixed Cost, minimizing deviations during implementation;
  • Critical stages projects with better visibility and control;
  • Commitment to outcomes allowing transparent management;
  • Personalized and targeted and adjusted solutions;
  • Integrated view of users and 3rd parties providers;
  • Speed and assertiveness, with simpler and more efficient implementations.