The SAP GRC solution provides tools for a complete and automated management of organizational processes that involve potential risks to corporate governance, adapting compliance rules for safe and preventive management.

SAP Process Control

SAP Process Control offers complete internal control, with analyzes and evaluations of your company’s accounting and financial status. The software automates management processes with control and compliance, as well as streamline testing and reduce risk by providing real-time information.

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Key features


  • Support the standardization of cross-functions and consistent management of process control throughout the organization;
  • Management of various regulatory policies and compliance procedures with a single solution;
  • Optimization of evaluation activities planning and control test;
  • Alignment of internal controls and policies with business objectives and risks;
  • Monitoring of key business processes, such as record-to-report, order-to-cash and procure-to-pay;
  • Ability to monitor a high volume of transactions in SAP S/4HANA in real time;
  • Simplify problem management and certifications with best practice workflows.

A much more complete and simplified management tool, which provides scalable support for various types of internal controls.



  • Increases process efficiency;
  • Provides real-time information;
  • Improves compliance across all regulations;
  • Provides comprehensive control assessments.
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SAP Access Control

SAP Access Control simplifies the management and validation of user access. Through a single software you can manage and automate the release or restriction of users, as well as certifying access to specific data and applications.

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The software offers:

  • Access risk analysis;
  • User access management;
  • Function-based access control;
  • Automatic detection and correction of access violations;
  • Periodic certifications of authorizations;
  • Management of emergency access.

A tool that facilitates and simplifies the governance process, requiring minimal IT support.



  • Greater agility with automated processes;
  • Practicality in actions to release and restrict access;
  • Helps to avoid fraud;
  • Compliance with SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act).
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SAP Risk Management

SAP Risk Management provides a detailed mapping of risks that your organization may be vulnerable to. With the software you get detailed and accurate insight into risk drivers and how they can affect the value and reputation of your company. A complete risk management tool that performs the identification, evaluation and analysis of the whole organizational scenario.

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The software offers:

  • Definition of business activities relevant to risk, with configuration of hierarchy of organizational risk and assignment of risk owners and responsibilities;
  • Automated monitoring with documentation of incidents, losses and analyzes;
  • Identification of relationships between risks and events;
  • Definition of research questions and documentation of potential causes and consequences of risks and mitigation activities;
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk analysis to determine the probability and potential impact of identified risks.

A complete risk analysis tool ranging from monitoring to strategy and planning.



  • Minimizes losses;
  • Protects the company’s revenue;
  • Identifies suspicious patterns;
  • Increases productivity and efficiency of investigations.
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Electronic Invoice (NF-e) Management with SAP 

NFe SAP solutions automate tax processes in accordance with Brazilian standards, ensuring the integration of the company’s systems with the Treasury Department. The solution offers a set of functionalities that allow you to manage the large volume issue and reception of digital files and related events, as well as complete control over the business records and actions of the operating areas with the greatest cost reduction and compliance guarantee.

Digital Transformation that allows your company to be prepared for automation of legal processes.


The system offers:

  • Service monitoring;
  • Management of legal changes;
  • Full control of fiscal documents;
  • Issuance and receipt of fiscal documents, including mass XML download functions;
  • Unique base of information and identification of divergent values;
  • Totally data stored on the SAP platform;
  • Among other features.

Tax compliance for your company with:

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GRC NF-e Inbound

The system serves companies that already have SAP ERP and need to automate the receipt of tax documents.

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GRC NF-e Outbound

The system serves companies that already have SAP ERP and need an NF-e issuance tool within the platform.

SAP Cloud NF-e

The system serves all companies that perform NF-e issuance and wish to reduce costs with updating operations, infrastructure and legal change management.



  • Compliance guarantee;
  • Frequent updating with tax rules and systems;
  • Infrastructure and own management;
  • Native solution integration with your company’s ERP;
  • Reduced compliance and productivity costs;
  • Improvements in tax, logistics, financial and sales processes.