BCI Consumer Products is an exclusive BCI Consulting’s solution that offers a pre-configured implementation of SAP S / 4HANA and serves Brazilian companies specializing in consumer product sales. The solution guarantees the standardization of the organization’s processes, with a fast and compact implementation, supporting the main business areas such as BackOffice, financial processes, order to delivery, purchase and payment system and inventory management.

 Technology and compliance to meet the Brazilian market.

New business processes aligned with Digital Transformation, making your company much more competitive in the new market.

Fast Implementation

The project implementation is carried out according to individual organization needs and can be concluded in approximately 120 days.


With the solution you can:

  • Manage and fulfill deliveries;
  • Access information in real time;
  • Support strategic decisions without external tools support;
  • Detect flow problems;
  • Improve customer relationships;
  • Analyze the evolution and profitability of costs;
  • Perform sales management and planning;
  • Use performance indicators such as Fill Rate, sales budget, profitability, stock aging, inventory valuation, and cost analysis.


  • Provides tailor-made analytical applications;
  • Standardized business processes;
  • Secure and user-friendly interface with personalized user’s role view;
  • Greater agility with access to real-time information
  • Simplifies and drives business processes;
  • Provides industry-proven analytical customization.